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  • Join Us at St. Patrick's!

    Join us for Mass on  Saturday at 5pm or Sunday at 8 & 10am. If you're not already a member, we invite you to become one by filling out this form.

    On the road? Visit masstimes.org.
  • Diocese of Madison

    St. Patrick Parish is one of 102 parishes in the 11-county area of southwest Wisconsin that make up the Diocese of Madison, which serves about 270,000 Catholics. The diocese is led by the  Most Rev. Donald Hying.
  • Advent Blessing of Houses

    Fr. Brian wants to bless your homes during the Advent and Christmas season! The blessing will take 15-30 minutes; there is no need to offer any food. Please contact the Parish Office to schedule a time for Fr. Brian to visit and bless your home!
  • Christmas Masses

    Tuesday, December 24th
    4pm & 8:30pm

    Wednesday, December 25th
    8am & 10am
  • New Year's Masses

    Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God
    (Holy Day of Obligation)
    Tuesday, December 31st
    Wednesday, January 1st
  • DRE, Grades 1-7

    We're seeking a Director of Religious Education for grades 1-7. Click here for more information.